How To Start A Podcast

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The Real Deal On Podcasting From Our Perspective:

The podcast world is blowing up and we are so excited for all of the amazing souls working hard to bring their podcast idea to LIFE! The beautiful thing about podcasts is that it’s a *free* way for you to serve your audience and show up for them with incredible content. It gives your listeners a behind-the-scenes look at who you are and what you’re all about - it’s a great way to build trust and add massive value. The other thing we love about podcasting is that people can listen on the go. So while we love live video and believe in that whole-heartedly as well, this gives your busy listeners a chance to connect with you, no matter their crazy schedule.

Hear our hearts in this - there is no right or wrong way to start a podcast, record a podcast, or share a podcast. You’ll find tons of successful people out there running their podcast differently and in a way that works for them. You have to do what’s best for you. This blog is simply OUR perspective and the way that we brought our passion project of podcasting to life. Take what you want, leave the rest, and do your research. Happy podcasting!! xx

Step 1: The Prep Work

  1. Get super clear on your ideal listener - WHO are you wanting to speak to/serve through your podcast? What will the focus be on your podcast to speak to her?

  2. Create an iTunes + a Stitcher account.

  3. Create a podcast graphic that matches the iTunes guidelines.

    1. We used to to create our graphic.

    2. Use 1400 x 1400 as the dimensions for your graphic.

  4. Decide what you want your podcast structure to look like. Listen to a few of your favorite podcasts and figure out what flow you are drawn to best, because chances are, your ideal listener will be into the same thing.

    1. Examples:

      1. Short, sweet, and straight to the point - minisodes

      2. Interviews with experts in your industry or the topics your podcast focuses on

      3. Q + A format

      4. There are a million different formats or ways to structure your podcast - pick what feels best for you and what you feel will serve your audience best.

  5. Write up a bio that gives your listeners a peek into why they should tune into your podcast - keep it short + sweet!

  6. Record an intro, pick royalty free music to go with it to spice it up!

    1. We found + purchased our intro music at

    2. We hired someone to do the voice-over for the intro, but also to piece it all together. You can absolutely do this yourself, but we found it was best for us to outsource this piece!

      1. Check out this website if you want to hire out the voice-over OR ask a friend that you feel would do *you* justice!

Step 2: Recording

  1. We use Zoom so we can have multiple people on the line and record the whole conversation. This is great for interviewing our guests and being able to have a “real life” conversation around a cup of coffee.

  2. Once we end the “meeting” on Zoom, it’ll automatically begin converting into a file.

  3. From there, we save the audio only file from our conversation.

Step 3: Editing

  1. Upload the file into iMovie or another editing software so you can convert it to an mp3.

  2. Then upload the clip into Adobe Audacity.

  3. Piece together the clip, the intro, and the outro.

Step 4: Publishing

  1. We hired someone to teach us how to set up Squarespace for our website and use that as the RSS Feed for linking our podcast episodes to iTunes and Stitcher.

  2. Once you have this set up, then iTunes and Stitcher will automatically grab each episode that you upload from your site and it’s smooth sailing.

  3. To be totally transparent, this was the most difficult part of the podcasting process for us personally to learn. We hired someone, we outsourced pieces of this, and he taught us how this whole flow goes down. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and outsource this piece if need be. However, many people do this on their own and feel free to research if you have a tech bone in your body. ;)

Step 5: Sharing

  1. BE CONSISTENT! Your listeners need to know when they can expect a podcast episode from you! Will you be publishing weekly on Mondays? Twice a week on certain days? Or even once a month? What can you commit to consistently when it comes to publishing?

    1. OR are you wanting to share whenever? Some podcasters don’t have a schedule and it works out great for them. You do you.

    2. For example: When we started, we found that we could only *consistently* commit to publishing an episode once a week on Wednesdays. Now that we have that down, we are excited to begin publishing twice a week since we’ve fallen in love with this passion project. Again, do what works best for you, and always follow through on your word.

  2. Use a branded image to share your new episode each week! Your audience should recognize it when they see it! Make sure it fits in with your vibe on social media and in your business.

  3. When you have a guest on, ask THEM to share it on their social media platforms to get extra eyes and ears on your podcast while also highlighting their message.

Bonus 1: What We Wish We Would Have Known Before We Started...

  • People want to be on your podcast - don’t be afraid to send out emails and invite people to come on your show! We were terrified to do this for some reason before we started, but have found that almost everyone we’ve asked has been excited to come on!

  • Don’t wait to get started - it’s never going to be perfect. You can *always* make changes and aren’t “stuck” with anything.

  • There is no right or wrong. You have to do what feels best for you, and stop looking to someone else to validate your decisions.

  • Ask for reviews!! You started your podcast to serve your audience on a larger scale, and reviews are the best way to get more ears listening to your show.

  • Don’t be afraid to point your audience back to how you serve people. Are you launching a course? Opening the doors to your 1:1 program? Hosting a webinar? Writing a book? Share this with your listeners! They are here for you and the ways that you are serving them.

  • Share, share, share on social media. This is a *free* resource for your audience and literally costs them nothing to learn something new, be inspired, or feel connected. Don’t be afraid to share your message.

  • Plan like a boss. Being organized and having an intentional plan has helped so much. We know who we’re interviewing that month in advance, when their episode will go live, and we make sure to highlight whatever they’re launching or are excited about in that season.

Bonus 2: Things To Remember

  • Have your guest use headphones with a built-in microphone if possible (the white headphones that come with the iPhone work great) - this will help with sound quality.

  • Cherish your guests. Be genuine with them! Invite people that you would genuinely want to sit down and connect with outside of the podcast. Don’t just invite people because they’re successful, invite people on that you respect, admire, and really do love what they offer/share with this world.

  • You have just as much value to add into this podcast as those you are inviting to join you as a guest. Shift out of the mindset of intimidation having someone you look up to on the show, and shift into collaboration. Have fun with this!

  • You’re in this for the long haul. Think longevity with your podcast. You may start to wonder in the first week, “is anyone even listening to this?” Or in the first month “well I don’t have any reviews - it’s not working.” You have to stick it out longer than 3 seconds. Trust your gut and show up to serve.

Bonus 3: Equipment We Use

Microphone: Blue Microphones Snowball Ice Microphone
Screen: Knox Pop Filter
Headphones (to block out the sound): Studio Headphones
**We ordered all 3 as a bundle on Amazon: