Connecting With Your Tribe Through A Lead Generation Quiz

Dig in and discover how we are growing a ton of engagement & connecting with our tribe more than ever!

Ps, we are giving our secret away in this blog post! 


Hey Sister! 

Let us cut to the chase! We recently discovered one of the MOST exciting ways to connect with our tribe and we could not wait one more millisecond to share it with you. Have you ever been in a place, within your business, where you felt a little stuck or almost disconnected? Us too! We've found that in the moments of that "disconnected" feeling, we are typically forgetting to implement one really important thing.....FREAKING FUN! Girl, we know that you are superhuman and can do ALL.THE.THINGS but we want to remind you to keep fun and joy at the forefront for both you and those that you serve. So, here is the scoop on how we recently brought back a whole lotta fun & connection into our business and community. 

If you've been here a time or two then you know we are going to give it to you straight, no fancy pants fluff or intricate tutorials. We just want to share the raw truth behind a tool that we have been using to cultivate more connection with our current tribe, create a ton of engagement, as well as meet new clients. You guys are going to flip, this is so simple yet incredibly easy and effective. 

A QUIZ! We created a quiz and the way in which it is allowing us to interact with our tribe is literally BLOWING our minds. We chose to use the Interact quiz building platform because of its simplicity and the value that we knew it would bring to our vision of both the Soul In The Raw Podcast and to our audience.  Plus, quizzes are fun and we are unashamed to admit that we take just about every one that passes through our newsfeed (come on, you know you want to know which celebrity is your spirit animal)! Ok, now that you are excited about quizzes as much as we are, let us share with you the VERY simple steps of how you can create and use one to grow your engagement NOW! 

First, you are going to determine which type of quiz that you want to create. The amazing thing is that this platform does an amazing job at helping to guide you into the type of quiz that will best serve your audience. We promise that this step was one of the easiest in the process! Check it out below!

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 4.40.05 PM.png

Once you've decided what type of quiz you want to create, you then are going to choose the type of questions that will be a part of your quiz and the results that your audience will discover. We loved this part because we really took the time to think about the people that we serve, we focused on what they needed most and it also allowed us to tap into our zone of genius and to share with our audience "why we can help". Again, we felt that every step of the creation of the quiz was simple, yet easy to tailor to our style and our tribe. 

Second, you get to choose your own brand style and your own photos if you would like! How cool is that! COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE but the platform also offers great quality photos if you choose to use them. You can shift the brand color, fonts, backgrounds, can essentially craft any aesthetic that you would like. We chose to keep things simple, light, and airy!

Here is a little peek a portion of one of our questions! 

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 4.47.41 PM.png

Third, you will wrap up the quiz creation process with any last minute details. To be totally honest, we could not believe how simple this entire process was BUT how incredibly detailed you can choose to be with your customized quiz. Don't stop reading just yet, we want to share with you how to actually get the goods out to your tribe!


Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 4.58.46 PM.png

The Interact platform gave us multiple options for the implementation of our quiz. Legit, you can place your quiz just about anywhere! We really appreciated how the options were easy to implement, even for us "non-techy" gals. They even have an option to post your quiz into all of your social media platforms. The first place we went to test run our quiz was to our tribe (duh, are you in there or what girlfriend). We wanted to see how our tribe would like the quiz and let us just tell you...THEY FREAKING LOVED IT and have shared it galore. We received feedback from them on how easy it was to use and how much fun they had going through the questions and getting their results!

And that’s that! This platform was so easy to use, we created a quiz that we had SO much fun within the matter of an hour, and it’s been so cool to connect with our audience through their results! After seeing so many major influencers use quizzes to connect with their tribe, we were so excited to find this platform and see how quick & easy it was to bring an idea to life! If you have fun taking quizzes and exploring your results, it’s very likely your dream clients would love to connect in that way too! So if you’re thinking this might be your next best step, check out Interact & see if it might be something you would have fun within your biz!

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Happy quiz creating, Tribe! xx