How To Own Your Story & Connect Through Yoga: Featuring Susan Singer

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt calm and peaceful? Well, that is EXACTLY what occurred when we sat down to interview Susan Singer! 

This interview was one for the books, we've receive so much incredible feedback from other listeners, just like you. Susan's ability to share so openly about her journey was the epitome of what we always imagined for the Soul In The Raw Podcast. 

Susan Singer is a life coach and yoga teacher who focuses on teaching others to own their story even when they are afraid to face pieces of it. Susan beautifully shared how to turn the negative into positive, how to allow your feelings to work through you and to help you show up stronger in your business. Susan also believes in the power of yoga, as she was sharing Olivia and I were swooning over the passion that exudes from every inch of Susans heart. 

Again, the feedback we received after Susan's episode went live was phenomenal. We won't keep you away from her wisdom any longer, let's dive in. 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from our interview with Susan: 

  • Yoga can become a vessel to understanding the importance of not living on the surface, the importance of digging deeper. You must allow yourself to sink into the full human experience, to allow yourself to FEEL. Susan also shared how it is "ok to have shame, self doubt, negative feeling shot you have because that is human. As we learn to understand those feelings we can then move into who we are actually meant to be. Yoga taught Susan to open up. 
  • Susan brought so much to light on this episode. She lovingly shared about the behind the scenes of "binging". Have you ever found yourself "binging" on something (Netflix, food, exercise). We learned that "binging" is a result of us pushing down a core problem. What have you been pushing down and are you willing to break open so that you can begin to change your story. 
  • We ARE our thoughts. We can choose to own our story and then change our story. Is there something in your past that you've pushed down and been paralyzed by? The first step to owning/changing your story is to look at what has not worked for you (living in a space of Stef-doubt), what patterns have you created? And, knowing that you have a CHOICE to think positively. 
  • Write your story down, all of it! Once you write your story out, read it back to yourself and allow someone else to read your story. It is likely that where you've felt negatively, someone else will see strength and positivity. Once you begin to view your story form a new perspective, that is when you can begin to move on today and create your new story. 
  • When you can believe and trust that you are never alone, that there is always something inside of your guiding, THAT is when you make the best decisions. You REALLY have the power to turn your dreams into a reality! 

Y'all, go check out Susan!


Instagram: @iamsusansinger

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