How To Get Out Of Your Head & Make Your Decisions With Ease Featuring: Kevin Crenshaw

Kevin don't want to miss this one! 

I met Kevin a few years ago at a Leadership retreat and I remember thinking "this guy is so FIRED up". Kevin and I were in a health and fitness company together and I knew from the moment that I met him that he was destined to serve others on a massive scale. Here we are, a few years later and he is doing JUST THAT! 

Tribe, meet Kevin! Kevin is an Online Fitness Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Masculine energy coach, Speaker, and so much more. He is the creator of multiple home fitness programs and lover of encouraging people to become the best versions of themselves. Kevin is a nomad who travels the world inspiring other people and continuously focused on growing himself both personally and professionally. 

During the show, Kevin shared so much about his past struggles with depression and how he went from being homeless to a world-traveling entrepreneur. He dropped some truth bombs on how we can all get out of our own heads and start making decisions with ease, how to stop overthinking so that we can get sh*t done, and why more personal development is not always the answer. 

Here are our top five take-a-ways from Kevin:

  • Right from the start, Kevin talked about the importance of discipline. He believes that both discipline and patience build character which leads to motivation and allows us to leverage so many different things in our lives.   

  • DONT FOCUS ON THE FEAR OF THE JUMP! You cant look at the distance, think about the thrill of it. There will be times in life that you must make a really difficult decision or you will have a massive opportunity to follow your dreams. Taking a leap can be terrifying if you allow it to be but it can also be THRILLING if you shift your focus from fear to excitement. 

  • When you are right on the edge of taking a massive leap, there are two things that you must do: you must build so much pain of where you are at now and so much pleasure to where you want to go that you get the leverage where your only option is to jump. We share this often and Kevin share it so much in his interview, "you may not always know the HOW but when the WHY is solid the rest will follow".    

  • Keep your focus on the internal rather than the external. Kevin shared that we get off track when we fix our eyes solely on the external of this world, external fixation can lead to discouragement and doubt and when we are able to turn inward we can keep our perspective in alignment with what dreams we are going after. 

  • GRATITUDE is the biggest game changer. Kevin shared that when he stopped looking at what he did not have and started to be grateful for what he did, THAT is when the trajectory of his life changed. We also loved that Kevin said, "each time we mess up, it focuses us to look at the situation and GROW". Kevin's entire message on this interview reminded us that when we align ourselves with what is in our hearts and chase it relentlessly, anything is possible! 


Ya'll, go check out Kevin!

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