How To Shift, Pivot, & Evolve WITH Your Brand and Ideal Client: Featuring Lauren Eliz Love

Lauren Eliz Love, gosh that is so pretty to say! 

If you've ever wanted to know someone who SHOWS UP, SERVES, and LOVES WITH TRUTH...we are getting ready to grant that wish, sister! Lauren is all of the above and so much more. Her open heart and raw honesty are magnetic and her ability to encourage others to believe in themselves is unparalleled. 

Lauren Eliz is an internationally recognized life coach specializing in the art of breakthrough. Founder of the Perfect Soul Coaching Method, Lauren has spent six years working with hundreds of clients crafting the art of personal transformation with an emphasis on spiritual alignment. Lauren’s unique coaching method focuses on personal development with ultimate fulfillment. She guides her clients to new levels in their personal lives and businesses, helping them breakthrough roadblocks holding them back from success and true happiness.

The feedback we received after Lauren's episode went live was INSANE and it is because she shared so much truth and wisdom....let's stop teasing and dive right in! 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from our interview with Lauren: 

  • Lauren went from making a little over $1,000 a month in Januar 2017 to making almost $35,000 in January of 2018....IN ONE FREAKING YEAR, Y'ALL! Investing in personal growth is often paralleled with business growth. Lauren shared openly about how her decision to invest heavily in her personal growth was followed by the largest financial month in her business. When we create space to work on ourselves, a business can flourish. 
  • KEEP READING because Lauren also shared that there has been a TON of failing upward within her business. She had a massive leap in business in a year but she was not shy about sharing how difficult it was and how much she failed forward within that year. She told us that for a solid nine months she simply tried and failed over and over. Don't be discouraged if your ideas and business model are not working at this moment, consider the small shifts that can be made and celebrate where you are going. 
  • Discovering who you serve is not wrong but be open to the evolution of how you show up as a coach and who you are showing up for. Your business can evolve, you are never "stuck" in one niche. Lauren's coaching practice looks different today than it did even six months ago, it has grown as she has and she encouraged us to be open to evolving as well. 
  • Money is simply an amplifier, it amplifies whatever space you are in currently. It is SO important that you are a focus on healing whatever is going on in your life. Making more money does not solve the root problems but more money comes when you focus healing those root problems. 
  • Be intentional with your time! Lauren encouraged everyone to write out every single thing tha tyou do in your business and place them into two seperate list: "value added" (things you do that you get paid to do) and a "non-value added" list. Are you spending time in the areas that are non-value added tasks? Where can you pivot your focus so that you are showing up more in the value added areas of your life and business? Make the shift!

Y'all, go check out Lauren!


Instagram: @badassbusinessbabe

Mentioned at the end of the show: “Who is someone you know + love that we should know?”

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