How To Find & Connect With Business Partners To Amplify Your Impact: Featuring: The Rising She Tribe

Have you met the girls of "The Rising She Tribe? If not, you gotta head over and check them out! This dynamic trio was such a delight to interview and we greatly appreciated how open they were to share the behind the scenes of their uber-successful brand. 

Seana, Sara, + Rosemary are incredible women and a powerhouse team. These ladies serve the world in many ways but you will likely find them operating as Mindset Empowerment Coaches, Reiki Healers, Lightworkers and Business Coaches.

The ladies of "The Rising She Tribe" came onto the show with a message to share and it was so evident that they love what they do and why they continue to show up in this world and share that message. Each one of these brought a unique perspective to the show yet they somehow all intertwined synergistically in the most magical way. We can't wait any longer, so let's just dig into the take-a-ways. 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from our interview with "The Rising She Tribe": 

  • Some shy away from business partnerships but, when done with transparency, they can be a beautiful thing. Seana shared that the roles within the trio partnership have changed and evolved with the business. There are times when each partner will lead and others when they will follow. It is important to allow the beauty of the ebb and flow. If you are considering, or currently are in, a business each other's strengths and lift one another up when it comes to challenges. Enjoy the process and allow space for personal and professional growth. 
  • Know that there may be lows within any partnership and that it is NORMAL. We are so thankful that the ladies shared that there are times that tough conversations take place, that they are human first and egos may get in the way, and that there certainly are times when communication breaks down. However, if you can learn to hold space for each and practice raw honesty, you will create a sustainable partnership. Be vocal, share with love, call each other out when necessary.   
  • We asked the ladies if they had advice for those of you seeking a business partner. We wanted to know if they felt that there were non-negotiables when looking to collaborate with someone. Their advice was spot on. They spoke on the importance of trusting your intuition, that GUT feeling you have when you meet someone for the first time. Come together, connect, and when you land on the right will know within your soul that it is "right". 
  • Be ok with your other partner/partners not living the same lifestyle as you. You can still form a grand partnership with someone who has a different family life/schedule. The magic lies in the ability to BLEND lifestyles and respect each others schedule. The ladies of "The Rising She Tribe" day it is a lot like dating someone new, you take time to figure out how to navigate the bumps in the road and matching timelines and available. If the vision, drive, ambition is can certainly blend your lifestyles. 
  • Spend more time TOGETHER than you do on social media. We LOVE LOVE LOVE that these ladies are so focused on intentional connection with each other and those that are involved in their community. They also focused heavily on self-care which is something that we so heavily believe in. Their focus on building one another and their message is awe-inspiring and we are so thankful that they practice when they preach. 

Y'all, go check out "The Rising She Tribe"!

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