How even your greatest tragedies can lead you to your purpose: Featuring Kathryn Vigness

Oh, we LOVE thee!

When Kathryn Vigness slide into our inbox to share about her heart to pour into our tribe, we instantly fell in love. Kathryn is the kind of woman who makes you feel warm and cozy inside while also sparking a deep desire to go after everything burning within your soul. We REALLY freaking like her! 

Tribe, meet Kathryn! Kathryn is an Author, Speaker & Soulpreneur who shared her heart so openly on the show and we are confident that you will love her. She is the creator of #soulprompt, a journal that unfolds when you do, as well as the Author behind Growing Wild. Kathryn's story is mesmerizing, inspiring, and ROCK YOUR WORLD worthy and we adore her for using her gifts and talents to bless this world around us. 

During the show, we spoke so much about how painful tragedies can ultimately serve as drive, self-discovery, and opportunity to create space in your life for things beyond your wildest dreams.   This mom of three, wife, author, coach, traveler, and speaker spoke to our souls during this entire interview and we just know that you will find as much value in her story and love of other people as we did. 

Here are our top five take-a-ways from Kathryn Vigness:

  • Kathryn shared so many parts of her story and some of those parts involved tragedy. Kathryn was in a horrible car wreck at the age of 15. After the wreck she wanted to reinvent herself to not be known as the girl who was in a horrible wreck and so she became a "chaser", she chased titles, degrees, and accolades. It wasn't until she was brought back to reality when her brother passed away in another car wreck that life began to shift. Kathryn said that she remembers saying to herself "holy crap, life is so fragile, what are you doing with your life" and after that moment she stopped chasing the accolades and began going after the things that she actually wanted. Kathryn encourages us to put our efforts towards the things that are on our hearts and to blaze our own trial, and we totally agree with her!

  • Do the work to "LET PEOPLE SEE YOU, NOT THE HARD SHELL". In order to shift the external trajectory of your life, you must address the internal darkness. Kathryn says we must take off the mask, show up as our true and authentic self. Ultimately, when we reveal who we truly are we get an opportunity to connect with the people who are meant to be in your path. When you open up about your story, you give permission to others to do the same. Don't be afraid to remove the filter.

  • "It's not going to be ok today, it's not going to be ok tomorrow, it might not be ok for a really long time until you are ready for it. And when you are ready you are going to realize that when you are in the fire of reliving the trauma in your life you will realize that you are not burning and that you are fireproof. The thing that reminds is you, the strong and resilient you at the core". BOOM MIC DROP!   

  • Sometimes we attract people and situations into our lives, we can become addicted to difficulty. If you feel as if you are constantly pouring into others or things that are not responding in a positive way, you may need to stop and ask yourself "am I addicted to disappointment". Ekkk...we know, that is difficult but it is a life changing self-reflection question. You CAN make the shift, you can peel back the layers to find the joy. Let go of the control and watch the other opportunities flood in.

  • The issue is never the issue and the problem is never the problem, there is always something underneath. Dig deep, discover what is really going on. and allow yourself to see the worthiness inside of you. There is no glass ceiling, you are so capable, people DO need to hear your story and you CAN create a life beyond your wildest dreams.


Y'all, go check out Kathryn!

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