How Healing Your Hormones Is The Key To Success In Your Business: Featuring Taylor Stone

Do you want to know what is really freaking is REALLY amazing when a woman is both GORGEOUS and kind and Taylor Stone is that woman. Her contagious smile drew us in but her knowledge and kind heart created lifelong Taylor fangirls.   

Tribe, meet Taylor Stone! Taylor is a former NFL Cheerleader turned Holistic Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Expert, and instigator of self-love. Taylor helps women heal their bodies and raise their vibes and we were BEYOND thankful to have her on the show. There are many take-a-ways from this show but one of the things we appreciated most about Taylor was that she is an expert in her industry yet she shared so openly, she allowed us into her past and the struggles that fueled her desire to help women in a very holistic way. She is the REAL deal and we cannot sing her praises enough. 

During the show, we spoke so much about internal health. Taylor dropped some truth bombs surrounding warning signs surrounding our hormones, why slowing down can be the best strategy for your business, how to increase energy and all things self-love. So dive in below and let us know what connects with you the most. 

Here are our top five take-a-ways from Taylor Stone:

  • We've all looked for the quick fix when it comes to losing weight, perhaps you are heading on vacation or need to weigh in for a particular sport etc but it is time for a mindset shift and Taylor says we must throw our scales off of a cliff (I'm in)! When you are looking to improve your health, ask yourself "WHY do I want to ______. What is the deep core reason as to why you want to accomplish what you are saying is important to you? Taylor shared that rarely is it to simply lose weight, many of us want to feel confident or increase our energy to play with our kids. It is not the number on the scale, it is about the JOY that comes with hitting your goals. 
  • We wanted to ask Taylor about some of the common signs of imbalanced hormones and sister brought the KNOWLEDGE. She shared so much information and we want to encourage you to go listen to this episode because it is GOLD! One thing that Taylor shared that many of us have to keep close to our hearts is that if you feel something is off, go seek counsel. So many women are put on things like birth control which are simply masking the symptoms and not taking care of the root cause. She also blew our minds when it comes to the emotional signs of imbalanced hormones. Seriously, you have to go listen to this episode, it's not possible to squeeze all of her wisdom on this subject into a blog. 
  • If you feel as if something is OFF with your body, seek help and keep fighting. Taylor mentions that getting counsel from a Naturalpath Doctor is ideal if possible. Find someone who is going to listen and understand you. So many people live life untreated because they are told by someone that their symptoms are normal. Search for someone who is not simply going to tell you what to do but is concerned with healing you. Go with your gut, there are people who understand what you are going through and trained to help you navigate all that you are concerned with. 
  • Sister, we know you are an entrepreneur spirit and doing ALL THE THINGS but Taylor shared a piece of advice that we may all need to put into practice. She says we MUST SLEEP, 8 hours a night. If you want to be a product entrepreneur vs simply a "busy" entrepreneur, get some sleep. As we are looking to increase our energy it is so important to focus on sleep and nurturing our bodies through food. Taking time to listen to our bodies can lead us to our best self within our businesses. 
  • "KNOW WHO YOU WANT TO BE" and embody that person before it happens. Take care of your soul and pracetice love for yourself and other. 


Y'all, go check out "Taylor"!

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