How To Make A Big Impact & Big Money With Ease: Featuring Ryan Yokome

We have been following Ryan for some time now. His belief in possibility is infectious and when we launched the Podcast we simply knew that we had to get Ryan on the show. Everything about Ryan nudges you to slow down and feel a sense of peace. His presence is powerful and gentle, and he is someone who strongly champions others constantly. 

Ryan Yokome is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. Ryan is the creator of the Soul Wealth Method, a breakthrough process to reveal your soul’s purpose. Ryan helps people awaken the immense courage that resides deep within themselves. With an innovative and spiritually connected coaching process, his clients are guided to live their passion by overcoming their limitations and embracing their brilliance.

This conversation was incredible and we talked a lot about how making a big impact and big money is not only possible but accessible to everyone. Ryan took us through his journey of entrepreneurship from making $800 a year to six figures to then realizing that his soul was calling him to something else. You guys have to dive into the take-a-ways below, we simply adore Ryan and can not wait to share more of his wisdom with you. 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from our interview with Ryan: 

  • There may come a time when your soul will call you out of something that seems to be REALLY FREAKING GOOD at the moment. Ryan talks about the spiritual awakening that called him out of a lucrative six-figure business and into coaching. He shares that there was a time when he knew that a shift needed to happen but his ego was so attached to the paycheck. Eventually, Ryan realized that there was a gap between business and spirituality and THAT became his calling, the shift that he was meant to step into. What gap are you being called to close?
  • What did you LOVE to do as a kid or what did you always envision that you would do as an adult?  Hearing Ryan talks about the importance of aligning our soul within the business and how we often know what that is as a child had me reflecting so much on my ten-year-old self.  I can distinctively remember wanted to be a radio talk show host, a librarian, and someone who helped others through the gift of exhortation. Today I live as a Podcast host and life coach who believes in the power of personal development and is often knee deep in a good book. Am I living my childhood dream? Perhaps. When you are searching for your soul's purpose, consider what you wanted for your life as a young child.  
  • Ryan is known for sharing on soul wealth. He told us that one of the most common blocks when it comes to money, is that people do not feel "good" enough. Maybe you have adopted that thought process from someone in your past or a situation where you felt you had given it your all but it was perceived to be out to be simply not good enough. Driven entrepreneurs can often get caught up in the "not enough" mindset. Ryan shared that one way you can begin to create a shift is by actually acknowledging yourself, recognizing your accomplishments. 
  • Moving forward from a block, or many blocks are possible. Ryan told us that "you cant fix a problem if you aren't aware that there is a problem". In order for us to overcome our blocks, we must first create awareness around them. Make a list of everything in your life that disempowers you and a list of everything currently in your life that empowers you. Begin to make empowering choices and setting boundaries around those that disempower you. Focus on the things that light you up. 
  • Do MORE things in your joy. What are the things that you are currently doing that cause you to lose yourself and all track of time in? For example, Olivia and I could Podcast and speak to guest all day long. We never find ourselves looking at the clock because we are in our joy. I, personally, could hike or read all day long, that is where my JOY lives. What about you? The overall message from Ryan was one of possibility, hope, encouragement, and drive. We loved this episode and pray that you did as well. 

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