How To Heal Your Pain Through Writing & Sharing Your Story: Featuring Shannon Schultz-Wooten

We've been waiting to write this one for a while! 

There is something special, unexplainablly magical, about this woman right here. Shannon Wooten is a rare find and we are eternally grateful to call her friend. She is all things bold mixed with the most tender heart, and she has this unique ability to remind you of exactly who you are and what you are capable of. Shannon is the thought leader behind the name for "Soul In The Raw' and our go-to gal for deep conversation mixed with big belly laughs. Basically, we believe she is the epitome of what it means to be unapologetically you while making one big ass impact in this world.

As a Life Coach + Writer, Shannon Schultz-Wooten champions other women to take ownership of their lives and to be empowered through that journey. Her passion for connection and creativity is unparalleled and we believe her to be one of the most thought-provoking coaches around. Shannon has many powerful messages and a ton of value that she shares with this world, but one of her most pronounced messages is "Infertility Sucks, You Don't". She is an advocate, infertility survivor, coach, and badass human who reminds us all that YOU get to choose your story. You will resonate with her because of her unfiltered/fun/deeply profound/upfront/loving outlook on your and life. 

This blog could get long, so let us dive into the juice! 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from our interview with Shannon: 

  • Sometimes society/culture leads us to believe that our purpose is connected to something very specific. Often we chase the specifics and attempt to fit ourselves into someone else's mold and if there comes a time that we discover we do not belong in that mold it can flip our entire world upside down...if we allow it. Shannon shared her initial painful journey through infertility, she shared about coming to the point of asking herself "is this who I am, does this thing define me". She gave us all a beautiful reminder that our obstacles can suck, we do not. "At the heart of everything we do, is the person". 
  • "Comparison creates the path for you are not enough". When we compare ourselves to everyone and everything it distracts us from taking responsibility for what is happening today. Sometimes we choose to victimize ourselves (we were reminded that this is said in love and light). We choose to allow our struggles (addiction, job, infertility etc) to become bigger and more valuable than us and suddenly it is in control. What or who are you comparing yourself to today, what would your life look like if you stripped away the habit of comparison? 
  • Create space for your pain. You do not have to pretend that your pain does not exist, that you are stronger than it, that is isn't affecting you. Through painful situations, grieving is warranted yet you have to choose if you will stay there. "Lay down in the gutter with your pain, look it in the face and say "are you going to beat me, what happens next". Opening our eyes to what is surrounding us is important, deciding how we will react is equally as important. 
  • We asked Shannon the best way to share your story. She shared something that many have contemplated, she had a story inside of her yet was not owning it because she did not want to burden anyone with her story. In this interview, she tells us that she got to a point of needing to get the pain out and so she began to journal. She started with a letter, asking "who do you want to be now". She journaled her little heart out and the act of pen to paper served as a release and turned into a movement and soon to be a book! What do you need to get out and onto paper? What pain could you release today? 
  • "Who you are is who you choose to be and transformation is possible". (likely the most important sentence we will all ever read). 

Y'all, go check out Shannon!


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Mentioned at the end of the show: “Who is someone you know + love that we should know?”

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