Confidence, Vulnerability, + Community: Your Entrepreneurial Superpowers: Featuring Cara Alwill Leyba

Talk about full circle moment. I am sitting at my office desk, writing this to you, and hanging in front of me is a whiteboard with the name "Cara Alwill Lyeba" just beneath the underlined word "PODCAST GUEST WISH LIST". You see, when we first began this Podcast we had absolutely no clue what we were doing but we knew WHY we were doing it. We knew that we wanted to help spread a powerful message, there were specific people that our souls connected with and that we wanted to share them with our audience. But how in the world do you get those people to come on your show? 

You ask. 

Cara did not hesitate to say YES when we told her it would be an honor to have her share her truth with you. This Best-selling + Award Winning Author, Podcaster, and Master Life Coach, who had been our top "wish list guest", not only came onto the Soul In The Raw Podcast, but she shared in such a beautiful way that it made us love her even more. If you've never had the pleasure of immersing yourself in all things "The Champagne Diet" we highly recommend it. Cara adds so much value back into her tribe, she has blogs and books, and clothing, and a Podcast and free community groups on Facebook........the list really keeps going but we will spare you the mush and get to the goods. 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from our interview with Cara: 

  • Don't allow other people to make decisions about your dreams for you. Cara shared the story of knowing that she wanted to write a book, writing her book, and being rejected by 19 publishers. We love that she said, "I had to step into my own power and decide that I was going to be an author and NO ONE ELSE WAS GOING TO MAKE THAT DECISION FOR ME". So beautifully said, and true wisdom you guys. When something lives in the deepest parts of your soul, you can not allow other peoples opinions to dictate your reality. 
  • "IT'S OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PUT OURSELVES ON THE LEVEL OF THE PEOPLE THAT WE LOOK UP TO AND ASPIRE TO BE LIKE". Cara also mentions that when you believe in yourself, other people start to catch on and believe in you as well. We loved that she shared this because we remember a time when we said "we will ask this person to be on the show when we reach _____" until one day decided to just go for it and to place everyone on a human level and begin reaching out to those we really wanted on the know. If you want to connect with someone you are inspired by, simply ask. Don't decide for them because you never know how many opportunities for a YES are out there unless you ask. 
  • Know that everything you create and use to add value into the lives of others comes back as a big cycle of abundance. We loved Cara's thoughts on the importance of keeping your business value based and putting yourself out there selflessly. Cara constantly connects with her audience and shared us with how important it is to genuinely provide value. Business is not always linear, it operates best on a deeper level and when you can tap into that you will not have to worry about basing your business on a bottom dollar because compensation will flow when your behavior within your business comes from an authentic space. 
  • Run your business in a way that lights YOU up. Some people may beg you to go in a certain direction within your business but if you are not intuitively called and drawn to it, don't do it. When Cara's book launched and became successful, she was urged to start a course and dive into things that she had no interest in she opted out. She says that she left so much money on the table because it would have required her to do something that was not aligned with her business. We love that Cara has remained steady over what she truly wants even in the face of massive opportunity. Do what you feel called to do on a SOUL LEVEL. 
  • WOMAN FRIST, BOSS SECOND. If you want to be successful in business, start by being empowered by the incredible woman that you are. 

Y'all, go check Cara out!

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