How To Create Consistency, Longevity, & Intimacy in Your Business & Marriage: Featuring Lauryn Everts of "The Skinny Confidential"

There is something undeniably refreshing about Lauryn Evarts. You might find it to be her wildly successful brand or insanely gorgeous skin (and we would agree on both) but after our interview with Lauryn, we found ourselves engulfed in her ability to be her self and stand in her truth.

Lauryn Evarts is the Influencer and Creative Director behind the brand + blog of "The Skinny Confidential" + Podcast Host. Lauryn's brand and community both do a beautiful job of empowering others to reach towards their highest potential. The more in-depth our interview went, the more we leaned into Lauryn's confidence and her unapologetic view on the importance of remaining humble within your success. Even in the middle of a busy photo shoot, Lauryn focused on our conversation as if we were the only three in the room. We adored her, and so will you. 

We walked away from this interview amazed at how she is able to keep up with ALL THE THINGS and inspired by how possible it is to go after and create exactly what you want in this life. 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from our interview with Lauryn: 

  • "BEAT TO THE TUNE OF YOUR OWN DUMB". Gosh, we love this advice! We all know how loud the noise can get outside of our own hearts, how confusing it can be when people and society urge us to direct our decisions based on a cookie cutter path. Lauryn shared so much about her desire to help women create their own future and how her brand has completely been built around this concept. So, go do all the things, girl! Stop allowing others to dictate who you are going to be and how you are going to show up in this world. What is in your heart, take one more "next best step" towards that. 
  • Make a choice to create your own future and then be resilient in the behaviors it will take to get there. On this episode, Lauryn recalled how she did make many sacrifices in the first eight years of her business, she said "yes" to every opportunity that came her way. She is now in a space where she wants to work ON her business vs IN it and she told us that in order to do that it will require boundaries. Lauryn believes that saying YES to everything, in the beginning, lead her to where her brand is today, but she also believes it to be true that as your business grows you must learn to say no to some opportunities to that you can say yes to those that best serve your brand and audience. 
  • Serve your audience WELL. We loved seeing Lauryn light up and get passionate about how vital it is to engage with your audience and serve them well. She mentions that she wants her community to see her as a person and not as something that is unattainable. She connects with those around her and believes that you should do that as well. Remember the reason that you have a platform within your business, the people. Lean into those that show up to learn from you, buy your products, and trust in your brand. 
  • A relationship/marriage takes practice. We asked Lauryn to share a little on how to keep connection a priority for those that live an on-the-go lifestyle. She mentioned that sexual wellness is so important when it comes to intentionally connecting with your significant other. We know this topic is not talked about enough and that is why we very much so appreciated Lauyrn sharing so openly on this episode. 
  • The overall message that we took home from Lauryn is that you are freaking CAPABLE of doing whatever sets your soul on fire. Following your vision for your life may take sacrifice, it may require you to navigate unconventional obstacles, and it certainly will push you to rise above doubt BUT you can absolutely walk to the beat of your own drum. Go after it all! 

Y'all, go check Lauryn out!

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