How to turn your followers into loyal, engaged lifers: featuring Brock Johnson

Have you ever met someone new and your spirit just seemed to shout "HEY, THIS IS A REALLY AMAZING PERSON, BE FRIENDS WITH THEM"? Ok cool, we aren't weirdos. Seriously though, from the moment we started following Brock Johnson on Instagram, we knew that we needed to connect with him and all of the wisdom he was sharing with the world. Brock has a unique ability to make you feel at ease as soon as conversation begins to flow. His vibrant personality and steadfast belief in possibility are sure to introduce big dreams, lots of laughs, and a whole mess of fun.

Brock Johnson is a Social Media Marketing Expert, Snapchat Guru, + Podcast Host. His Podcast, Social Media Money Maker, is a go-to for entrepreneurs and anyone seeking to grow both personally and professionally. We seriously have no idea how this college football athlete, student, entrepreneur, and family guy keeps up with all that he does but we are glad he finds the energy to pour into this world. 

We walked away with more from this episode than we could have ever expected and we know you did or will too. 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from our interview with Brock: 

  • The more gratitude you can inject into your life and business, the better. Brock shared with us that he is able to keep a positive attitude by continually reminding himself of how grateful he is for each and every opportunity that comes his way. We agree! Olivia and I even recommend keeping a "gratitude" only journal that you can reflect on when days of life/business get difficult. Gratitude is a daily practice that leads to a lifetime of positive perspective.
  • Value-based social media is the TICKET! Before you start worrying about growing an income with an online business, give to people without expectation of something in return. 
  • If you want to build brand loyalty with clients, treat them like family/friends. Brock shared that our social media platforms need to be a space in which we engage with people. A space in which we show up and communicate with them. Do not try to overcomplicate social media, be yourself, share stories, and let people in on more of who you actually are and less of who you think people need you to be. When people know, like, and trust you they are more likely to be converted into customers so take the initial opportunity to build a genuine connection. 
  • "EMBRACE YOUR SMALLNESS, NO MATTER HOW BIG YOU GET". Remember where you started and maintain a small-minded company because THAT is how you scale and create a sustainable business (you guys, there is no blog long enough to fit this message, you gotta go listen to this part of the episode for sure). 
  • We seriously have to take this advice, Brocks said that hiring a Virtual Assistant is by far the BEST thing he ever did for his business. He also shared that when it came to hiring an assistant, he hired someone based off of relationship vs a fancy resume. Brocks feels an assistant needs to be someone you can connect with because they ultimately become a huge part of your brands' voice.  Yall.......I could write for hours on this episode. You just have to go listen, it is SO good! 

Y'all, go check Brock out!

Instagram + Snapchat: @brock11johnson

Podcast: “Social Media Money Makers” - 

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