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We are excited to announce that you, OUR TRIBE, will now have access to a guest review blog every Friday. YAY! Each week we will release a blog that goes into detail of what our guests are sharing on the Soul In The Raw Podcast We want you to have notes so that you can not only listen to the value shared, but that you can have pieces to take action on as well. 

So, let's get started with our first guest of this year!  

If you've never had a run in with Kaylan Thompson, we highly recommend that you stop what you are doing now and go check out all things Kaylan (well, maybe read this blog first so you know where to find her). 

We bumped into Kaylan on Instagram, @bushelandbunch, and fell completely in love with her beautiful smile and gorgeous brand. Kaylan is a Content Strategy genius and has a heart that is more magical than sunshine. She joined us on Episode 22 of Soul In The Raw and shared THEE most tangible wisdom ever. We simply adore her so be sure to check out her episode on the Podcast. 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from Kaylan's interview with us: 

  • Content is EVERYTHING, everything that you can see or hear or engage with. Focus on creating a world around the EXPERIENCE that you want a customer to have with your brand and do so through your content. Use content to create your message and to communicate the life change that a client will have after working with you. 
  • Social Media does not have to be daunting. When you first begin communicating your brand on social media, simply think about where you were and how you began five months ago (that is your target audience so speak to HER/HIM). Speak to the person that YOU were two steps ago, think about what you were struggling with and where you were searching for help, what was in your heart that you CRAVED the most. 
  • A good question to ask yourself when it comes to branding is "WHAT DOES MY BRAND DO FOR MY AUDIENCE" and "WHY DOES THAT METTER" and keep asking that until your answer gets to *freedom & love*. 
  • Rocking a full time job and a passion project are absolutely possible. Be intentional and RUN when you are feeling the "highs". Tackle even the smallest of projects when you can, small steps mount up and will move you forward.
  • BLOGGING IS NOT DEAD YALL. People WANT to read and blogging can be an easy tool to serve your audience with value. The content industry says people want to read less often BUT more in-depth. Don't be afraid to blog less but POUR more into your post. See how your audience is engaging and feel it out as far as how often you blog. Kaylan also recommends polling your Instagram following to see how often they prefer the you blog. Side tip: creating a video of you simply reading your blog is loved by readers as well. 

Y'all, you just gotta go check our her episode. There is NO way for us to pack all of her goodness and value into one blog.

Connect with Kaylan here: 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bushelandbunch

Website: https://bushelandbunch.com

Instagram: @bushelandbunch

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