The What, How, + Why Of Life Coaching For The High Achiever: Featuring Madison Hedlund

We know you crave raw, truth intertwined with love, type of people and that is exactly why we want you to come into our little corner of the world. Because man OH man, do we have someone to introduce to you. 

Madison Hedlund is an instigator of higher potential for humans. She exudes confidence mixed with gratitude and we absolutely adore the heck out of her. Her ability to guide women to own their power, live with presence, and rise to their purpose is awe-inspiring and she shared so much of her wisdom on this week's Soul In The Raw episode that we were blown away....yet again.  

Madison's unique ability to help her clients feel confident, powerful, and connected is unparalleled and we believe that to know her is to love and/or respect her. The truth, she is someone who has gone from stuck to clarity-filled and she does the most kick-ass job of helping other people do the same. We have so many take-a-ways from our interview with Madison, so let's dive in. 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from our interview with Madison: 

  • A life coach is someone who understands your weakness but is mindful of your functionality and the process to make you stronger. Madison shares that the core of her practice is to help women, who are already functioning, to be more aware of what is holding them back so that they can address it and move forward. 
  •  Remember who you are speaking to, and what SHE is struggling with. Madison does a beautiful job, in this episode, with reminding us of the importance of speaking to our client's heart. She frequently talks about how she built her business based on helping people heal from pain points that she had experienced and knew how to navigate. Her focus is always on intimately knowing her clients and how she can show to help them. Treat your ideal client with genuine care. 
  • Often times, high functioning women are resilient and because of that they are left not processing a lot of things that are happening in their life. When we shy away from processing it muddies our soul's vision for what we are doing. We must not always pretend that things are ok, or refuse to ask for help. When we do not allow ourselves to "feel" we create blocks and over time those blocks build up and create resistance and shame. Ask for help and support so that you can remain clear and ready to serve. 
  • As a life coach, it is important to work with a life coach and to ensure that you are working towards mental and emotional healing so that you can mindfully help others. Also, know that if you are looking to hire a life coach, it is important to consider who you should work according to the season you are in. You know what you need, trust your gut. 
  • Keep your blinders on, stay focused on what YOU intuitively feel called to create. Social media boundaries are a MUST. Know that what you have to say can/will be different than what others are saying. Keep your circle tight and when you feel comparison kicking in with a particular person, mute them. Stay in your own lane, Sister. 

Y'all, you just gotta go check out her episode and go follow Madison for more raw goodness. 

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