Why your Story Matters + Truly Sets Your Brand Apart: Featuring Kinsey Mhire

Come on in, the coffee is hot and the conversation flowing. 

Kinsey Mhire must have been created with sweet magic in mind. She is all things lovely and we simply adore her and her ability to make everyone around her feel peaceful and beautiful. In case you've not been swooned by her amazing photograph on Instagram, let us tell you a bit about the woman behind the lens. She may be too humble to share, but Kinsey is an award- winning Los Angeles based photographer who has captured love stories around the world. We've never met a photographer more able to capture the story behind the moment and you are getting ready to discover that it is all on purpose. 

In addition to capturing breath-taking wedding memories, Kinsey is also a detailer of brand imagery for entrepreneurs. She does an incredible job of helping others create a visual brand through which their personalities and story appear. She calls it Heart Based Marketing and we believe it to be the powerhouse element behind the connection that she has with her clients and how you can as well. 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from our interview with Kinsey: 

  • Do not allow past labels to create paralyzing fear. Kinsey shared about how she once believe her soft soften nature disqualified her from being a powerful business owner and how that simply was not the case. As she took ownership of her character she began to realize that it made her stronger and she has been able to attract and connect even more with her audience and clients. There is no "TYPE" when it comes to being an entrepreneur, simply be YOU and you will then feel fulfilled and have more fun with your business.   
  •  Zone in on "CREATE AND RELATE". Kinsey does such a beautiful job at creating things and moments that she truly relates too which, in return, allows her to authentically connection to everyone around her and YOU can do that as well. Do not be tempted to do business in a cookie cutter way. You can be successful without having to create a similar ________ as everyone in your industry, think about how you actual WANT and love to serve your clients, go with that! 
  • Make your clients the HERO of the story. Get to know who they are, elevate them and their story. Having a true understanding of who your clients are, beyond the service you are providing them, will allow you to develop an even deeper brand awareness and you can begin to gather information surrounding how the dots connect which will lead you to know your ideal client even more. 
  • Create a brand that is unique to YOU and represents your authentic life. It can be tempting to emulate a brand from another successful business owner but don't do it, sister. Kinsey says we need to think about "how we want to feel and how we want our clients to feel" when it comes to creating a visual brand. Allow the heart behind your branding to shift which way it goes when comes to imagery and verbiage and marketing strategy. Think about what you actually want, stop considering what a "successful" brand entails and focus on what YOUR successful and happy life looks and feels like and project THAT in your brand marketing. PS pro-photography tip when you are having brand photos taken of yourself, wear what you feel confident in. Don't worry about the "shoulds" in what you should wear, Kinsey says to wear what you feel confident and good in. 
  •  You can live whatever formula of life you want. You can mix and match and you can shift and change regardless of age. You can choose your path of happiness and not feel confined to any one way. 

Y'all, you just gotta go check out her episode and go follow Kinsey for more magic. 

Instagram: @sincerelykinsey
Website: www.kinseymhire.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kinseymhirephotography
Ikigai Book: www.amazon.com/Ikigai-Japanese-Secret-Long-Happy/dp/0143130722/

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