Why Even your Darkest Season Is Rigged In Your Favor: Featuring Autumn Bensette

Welcome back, Sister! 

We are so excited to introduce to you this lovely gem, Autumn Bensette. Autumn is an Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Self-Published Author of the 90-day journal "The Ritual Of a Boss Babe", founder of "The Bossy Babe Club," and creator of the 6-week "Mindset Detox". You get the picture, she is a total badass.  

Autumn's episode this week was truly a look at why even our darkest season can be rigged in our favor. Autumn walked us through so much and her story is a testament to the power of possibility when you know in your heart that what you are going after is your truth. She has overcome so much and her wisdom is beyond her years. 

Here are 5 take-a-ways from our interview with Autumn: 

  • Behind betrayal and rejection, there may be a blessing. Sometimes we have to take an honest look at ourselves and our paths and discover that at times resistance is trying to guide us away from what is no longer serving us and into what its meant to be.
  •  Striving for alignment is honoring YOUR LIGHT and living in integrity. It is so important for you to live out what you teach. If you are sharing with others that it is possible for them to do and be the things that light their soul on fire, can you say that you are at least striving to do the same? If not, what needs to shift for you to begin living in your light and integrity?
  • Success without happiness leads to unfulfillment....YASSSSSSS! We completely agree with Autumn on this topic. Full bank accounts or fancy titles accompanied by an empty heart is not worth it. Focus in on connections and what brings you joy, show up to serve in a big way and when you reach your definition of success it will feel complete. 
  • You CAN choose to be/do what you want. Don't allow fear to paralyze you from jumping into where your heart is being called. Autumn mentions that her entire entrepreneurial journey has been about taking massive messy action. She shares the importance of taking action according to your gut. You never have to feel confined to "shoulds" or "comfortability". 
  • There may be times that you make a decision, take action, go full force, and then look back and ask "wow, did I just make a mistake". Know that the internal struggle and even the comparison game is normal but DONT STAY STUCK THERE SISTER. Walk with confidence that if you following what your heart and soul what that it is on purpose. You did not make a mistake, you are uncomfortable and expositional growth can come from being uncomfortable. KEEP GOING. 

Y'all, you just gotta go check out her episode. There is NO way for us to pack all of her goodness and value into one blog.

Connect with Autumn here: 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/autumn.bensette

Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/327667397661639

Instagram: @bossybabe.xo

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