What Story Am I Making Up?

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I've discovered three questions, from Brene Brown, that I ask myself when I begin to make up a limiting belief BS story. The next time you begin to make assumptions about yourself or someone else, ask yourself the following: 

1) What is the story I am making up?

2) What is true? 

3) What do I need to learn more about.

I've been asking myself these questions anytime I begin assuming something in my mind. I've used them in relationships, business, and my faith. 

When your mind begins to shift to drafting a made up story.....dive into those questions. Below is the conversation I recently had with a fellow Soul Shifter in our free group for female entrepreneurs:

* I have their permission to share *

Person: "Crystal, I want to take the 6 week Soul Shift Project NOW. I've seen many people come out of yall's course and experience life change but I don't think I am going to be able to. 

Me: LOVE that you want to take it, can you share a little more about what's going on in your mind around why you can't take it. 

Person: Well, I never follow through so I am afraid to spend the money. 

Me: Tell me one thing you DO follow through on. 

Person: Well, I workout every single morning at 6am. 

Me: That is amazing. Do you work out at the gym or at home? 

Person: The gym. 

Me: So what I am hearing is that you follow through on your personal commitment to work out daily at 6am, and you pay for a gym membership? 

Person: Yes. OH, OK I see. Wow. 

Me: So, you have followthrough when you make something a priority. Re-write that BS story, write your new truth, research a little more on what you need to learn, and then you can make a decision. 

Person: GOSH, thank you so much! 

So. What's holding you back from making the moves you want? Ask yourself the questions and rewrite your answer