Choosing To Fail Forward


To my fellow overwhelmed, LOST, unfulfilled millennial female craving something MORE…

Take MESSY action.

Make a fool of yourself.

Believe in your dream so MUCH that it doesn’t MATTER what anyone else thinks.

I started my online business as a lost & unfulfilled 23 year old. No college degree. No business training under my belt. No marketing training. No skills what-so-ever that SCREAMED “entrepreneur.”

But what I DID have was that deep-rooted, almost painful at times, belief that I was meant for something MORE than living my days on repeat and having zero control over what my life looks like.

And I ran with that. Completely terrified. Completely clueless. I freaking RAN face first and took MESSY ACTION. I fell down, I made a fool of myself, I put my foot in my mouth a LOT, I got blocked on Facebook, I got shunned by friends, I got LITTLE sleep, I had zero time to just “CHILL.”

When I took that step and claimed the title “ENTREPRENEUR,” I had no idea what the hell I was doing. But I figured it out. And that’s why I get so crazy fired UP when I meet women who have that same DRIVE. That same hustle. Because that is something truly special. It can’t be taught. You can learn the skills it takes to run, market, and ROCK a successful biz. But that drive, that hustle, that relentlessness... That is innate. God gave you that gift. And it’s up to YOU to use it.

When you choose the road less traveled.. I promise your cup will run over with so many crazy blessings because YOU are living out your true purpose. Whatever THAT purpose is. However YOU are meant to serve the world. In a way that only YOU can.

Maybe it’s being an entrepreneur.

Maybe it’s SLAYING your corporate career.

Whatever sets your soul on freaking FIRE, go do that.

And don’t let anyone else ever tell you you CAN’T.

Stop waiting for the stars to align.

Stop waiting for the perfect conditions.

Choose to fail FORWARD & I promise you’ll figure it out.

You got this, babe.

Rooting for YOU.