“We don’t want to be viewed as disloyal, so we overcommit” #truth

I’m a chronic “over-committer”. There have been times in my life where I’ve become physical ill and thrown myself into full blown panic attacks because I CHOSE to take on too much. I value loyalty and I love to give loyalty, but there have been many times where I’ve traded giving loyalty for personal peace. 

Sound familiar? Keep reading. 

I get it, you are a kind human being and you CAN do “all the things”....but should you, or at what expense? 

It’s challenging for me to protect my time, as I’m sure it is for you, and space because I feel this deep desire to serve the world and others. I feel GOOD when I am in all the places at all the times and helping all the people. 

But what doesn’t feel good is when family time is sacrificed, when my temper is shortened because I’m exhausted and when my mind is so clouded I can’t remember where I put my keys...again. 

So what do you do? There is a lot you can do but let me share a few things I’ve been asking myself before committing to something. 

✔️ Does this align with my core values?

✔️ Is this helping me carry out my top three priorities in this season of my life?

✔️ If I take this on, what other thing am I saying no to (because if you say yes to one thing you are saying no to another). 

✔️ Can someone else do this or does it ACTUALLY require MY personal skills. 

✔️ Am I being called to do this or is it out of obligation? 

Now I’m not talkin “help a lady across the street” type of commitments. I’m talkin “take on this project that’s going to take me away from something else” type of commitments...you know what I mean. 

So sister, this is your permission to protect your vision for your life, your ability to give those who matter most your best, and to say NO when you need to do so ✨