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welcome to soul in the raw

your safe space to break free + rise up

Hey, sister! Welcome h  o  m  e. 

We're Olivia & Crystal - Life Coaches and Podcast Hosts (search "Soul In The Raw" on iTunes + Stitcher) who offer you a safe space to break free from what's no longer serving you, rise up where you are feeling called to be, and finally own your truth in this noisy world.

We believe that *NOW* is your time to finally feel confident in who you are and the insane magic that you have to offer this world through your gifts, strengths, & calling. We know that you are sick and tired of spinning your wheels and we’re here to help you hit the brakes so you can figure out exactly what you want, and what steps to take next. Once we help you strip down to your core, we're going to help you level up in your life & business by setting no-b.s. boundaries and only showing up speaking YOUR truth.

You deserve a life and business that you love, a business that feels aligned deep within your soul, and a life that reflects unapologetic joy. We want to help you discover all that you desire of this life you've been given and then we want to empower you to take massive, messy ACTION on making that your reality.

Whether it’s rocking your Network Marketing gig in a way that feels damn good for you, walking through a transition in your relationships, business, and/or life, or walking away from what is no longer filling you up - we’ve got your back. You bring the ideas & the transparency... we’ll match you with belief, truth, resources, and strategy!

Before we get started, we want to take a moment to introduce ourselves. Because after all, we're in this for the l o n g h a u l , girlfriend! We can't even wait to get started!

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Crystal Stautzenberger

Hi, I'm Crystal, and I just can't get enough of old school R&B, warm tobacco pipe scented candles, and anything Brene Brown. Everything in my soul is geared towards helping women prioritize their marriages, heal through heartache, discover how they can be both a great mom AND an ambitious entrepreneur, owning and sharing their story online, and becoming a powerful person in everything they do. I am the creative behind "Soul In The Raw" and the big-picture visionary who loves discovering how we can always grow to best serve our loyal clients. 

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Olivia Seline

Hey there, I'm Olivia. I love all things fall, I re-heat the same cup of coffee at least 3x each morning, and I like to believe Busy Philipps & I are best friends in every day life. In business, I am completely obsessed with teaching female millennials how to trust their gut, overcome the constant comparison game, and make money & an impact that feels really damn good. I am the organized genius for all things "Soul In The Raw," the detailer & BTS "techy" that keeps everything running smoothly - the hands & feet of our big picture.  

Separate we are capable, but together we provide a dynamic duo that serves our clients at our absolute BEST. We cannot wait to help you walk away from what no longer serves you, discover & step into your purpose, and speak YOUR truth with confidence. Are you ready for it?? cue: Taylor Swift

S O U L s    S P E A K

It truly is such an honor to share with you some of our Soul Shift Alumni and the powerful SHIFTS they've had...

Stephanie Gant

Stephanie Gant

"I FEEL SO ALIVE! It's amazing what truly pouring into myself can do. I've preached for so long to take care of yourself through health and fitness BUT THE INNER SOUL IS JUST AS IMPORTANT and was the KEY thing I've been missing for so long!" 

-Stephanie Gant
Wife, Mom, Health & Fitness Coach

Jessie Burr

Jessie Burr

"I just want to say thank you first to Crystal and Olivia for following their hearts and providing us this course! This has changed my LIFE in more ways then I ever imagined!! BEST INVESTMENT I've ever made in my business!" 

- Jessie Burr
Fiance, Online Health & Fitness Coach

Ambra Brant

Ambra Brant

Crystal & Olivia, I just want to tell you my life has change in dramatic ways after working with you. I appreciate all you have done to guide me towards truth and growth. Thank you for showing me I am worthy of my highest potential. Thank you for showing me what it looks like and feels like to feed my soul! To have control of my time and resources. Thank you for showing me it's so important to stand up for myself and stand firm in my beliefs. I do feel like I have taken life and my business up to a different level since you girls entered my life! 

- Ambra Brant
Wife, Mom, Oily Mama & Health Advocate